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Tips for Choosing the Best Golf Tour Operator in Asia

Embarking on a golf trip in Asia can be thrilling, but it can also be daunting to organize without the right assistance. Picking the right golf tour operator is key to making sure your golfing adventure is a success. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting a golf tour operator in Asia: Experience […]

The Essential Golfasian Golf Tournament Planning Checklist

Have you ever wanted to host a golf tournament to bring people together or raise money for a good cause? Have you attempted and failed in the past? The typical golf tournament raises $5,000 in funds. It’s worthwhile if you’re familiar with the best practices for golf tournament preparation; otherwise, it might be a difficult […]

Golf – Helping Mental Wellbeing

In line with Movember and stressing the importance of raising awareness for mental health, we at Golfasian wanted to give you a snapshot survey of 250 golfers in the United States, Canada and the UK who were asked why they had joined their respective golf clubs. The results of the survey were quite alarming in […]

How to Calm Nerves on the Golf Course?

Ever gotten nervous on the first tee with a bunch of fellow golfers watching you? Sure you have, we all have! Maybe you don’t anymore in that particular situation, but there always comes a point when we might get the jitters for one reason or another. Even the pros go through it and that’s one […]

Top 3 Tips To Lower Your Score – With No Swing Change Required!

At Golfasian., we are as passionate about golf as anyone out there. But… from time to time, we all having tough times on the course and we have some suggestions that might just help. Check our top 3 below and reduce the damage or perhaps you might even lower the score! 1. Keep the ball […]

Supercharge Your Love Of Culture And Golf In Cambodia’s Finest Destinations

Cambodia is a haven of natural beauty, cultural charm, and friendly people – making it the perfect tourist destination for many. But did you also know that the country is home to some fantastic golf courses that even the pros love? The next time you decide to plan a trip away from home, give yourself […]

Why Golfers Book with Golfasian

[vc_row padding_top=”0px” padding_bottom=”0px”][vc_column fade_animation_offset=”45px” width=”1/4″][vc_single_image image=”13261″ img_size=”medium” style=”vc_box_circle_2″][/vc_column][vc_column fade_animation_offset=”45px” width=”3/4″]Golfasian Is the Largest Most Experienced Golf Tour Company in Asia, Which Is Why We Deliver the Greatest Selection, The Best Prices and the Most Reliable Hassle Free Service. Leaving You to Enjoy Your Best Golf Trip Ever! There are lots of tour companies you could […]

Insure Your Future: Enriching A Well Protected Golf Lifestyle With Travel Insurance

The popularity of golf has skyrocketed across the world with several unexpected countries emerging as world-class golfing hubs. While the sport was previously confined to the shores of Europe and North America, the modern game has taken a turn towards the Orient with Asia emerging as a key travel scene for golf lovers. Paying tribute […]

A Day in the Life of a Golfasian Golfer

Leaving your hotel It’s golf day! Your first time in Thailand and your first game! Excitement levels are through the roof! Here is what you can expect… Before you leave, have you packed your change of clothes for after golf? It’s customary here to shower after the game, all of the courses have shower facilities […]

Tips for Planning Your Next Golf Holiday to Asia

A tradition enjoyed by golfers all over the planet! Here are some tips to get the most out of it Look at different destination and time to visit Time of year to travel is Asia will have a big impact. During the rainy season you can take a chance with the cheaper prices or come […]

Don’t forget these essentials!

Travelling overseas requires a bit of planning. It has happened to the best of us that we have forgotten the one or other essential. We have put together a check-list for you to print out when packing your bags for your next golf holiday in Asia. Let us know if we forgot anything. Keys – Simple […]

Top 7 Tips for the Greatest Golf Holiday Ever!

It’s coming to that special time of the year when you can turn on your out of office and get ready for some time away on the fairways, with a bit of luck! Booking Early – Usually golf is top priority in a golf holiday to Thailand! If you want tee times that suit your group […]

Golf Tips for Playing in Thailand

One (Nueng): If your caddie says “Nice putt” can usually be translated to “useless putt.” Two (Song) : The more expensive the golf ball the more water-magnetic it is! Buy them by the bag outside of the golf course! Will you find at some courses men swimming in the lakes and rivers, poised waiting for […]

5 Obscure Golf Rules

Identifying or searching for a ball covered by loose impediments in a hazard I recently hit my ball into one of the many bunkers lining the fairways at Springfield in Hua Hin. I thought it might be buried but I couldn’t see it. I finally found what I thought was the ball! My playing partner […]

Playing from the Right Tee Markers

Coming from England we have reds tees for juniors and ladies, yellows for men and general play and whites for competitions. Not in Asia – There can be four, five or six sets if tees at each golf course! However choosing the right one can have a big impact on your golf holiday. Look at […]

In at the Shallow End! Rule 14-6

I can’t think of a golf course I’ve played in Bangkok that doesn’t have some kind of water hazard running through it…. In fact there is generally some kind of hazard on every hole! Playing at Panya Indra one scorching hot Sunday afternoon in November our group reached the 537 yard Par 5 third hole […]

Bring Your Hybrids

Bring Your HybridsWhen I first came to Thailand 11 years ago I carried just two woods and a full set of irons including a 3 & 4 iron. Now I find it is easier to carry a five wood and two hybrids because the modern woods go the grass much easier, and here in Thailand the grass […]

Gloves & Golf Balls

Gloves & Golf BallsGolf balls are quite heavy to carry in your golf bag, and with the weight restriction of the airlines, it’s a good option to buy your balls when you arrive. Leather gloves do not last very long in this heat and if you sweat a lot, a good tip is to bring two or three […]

Weight Allowance on Aircraft

Weight Allowance on AircraftUnless you are travelling with Emirates Airlines who do not charge for golf equipment, the weight allowance can be a problem especially with some of the low cost carriers such as Air Asia. Leave your golf balls at home as they are quite heavy, and they are very cheap and easy to buy here. I […]

Rent Clubs or Bring Your Own?

Rent Clubs or Bring Your Own?Often, we get asked the question if one should bring their own clubs or rent clubs at the golf courses here in Thailand. Despite the fact that you actually can rent clubs at most golf courses in Thailand for about 1,000 Thai Baht for a standard set and up to 1,500 Thai Baht for a […]

When is the Best Time to Tee-off at a Thailand Golf Course?

Best Time to Tee-off at a Thailand Golf CourseI am often asked by my customers when the best time to tee-off is when you play golf in Asia. Many people choose to tee-off in the morning which is their personal choice and it would be my recommendation too particularly in the low season which is generally from July to October. If you are […]

Swing Tip: Alignment

Alignment is how you line up to your target. It’s important in achieving your goals, because a great swing and poor alignment does not make a happy golfer. In putting, it’s particularly important, and the better you get, the more crucial it becomes. There are a lot of ways you can properly align yourself to […]

What Is Posture And How Important Is It?

What Is Posture And How Important Is It?Posture is how you set up to the ball, very important and one of the main fundamentals of golf. Everything is built on this foundation and if you have a problem here, it’ll show up later in your swing, possibly disguised as something else. Stance: Feet should be shoulder width, both feet slightly flared, toes […]

How to Get Out of a Bunker

How to Get Out of a BunkerMost golfers have a great fear of being in bunker, leaving the ball in the bunker, fear of blasting it over the green, fear of looking foolish, etc. It’s not so difficult with a good technique The clubface must be open at address Opening the face effectively exposes the all-important bounce of your sand wedge, […]

Putting: The Short Game

Putting: The Short GameAn average of 43 percent of the strokes you make in a game of golf will be putts. The next highest is your woods, at 25 percent, followed by 13 percent chipping, 10 percent irons, and 5 percent hazard shots. Putting is incredibly important. Most people want to hit the ball farther and straighter. That’s […]

Custom Fitted Clubs and Their Importance

Custom Fitted ClubsWith dozens of grips, hundreds of heads and thousands of shafts making for literally millions of club combinations, more of us are turning to custom fitters to make sense of the equipment minefield. It is a fact that 90 per cent of golfers are playing either the wrong clubs and shafts, or inappropriate specifications for […]

Back to the Basics

Plenty of times I have been asked what can I do to make the ball go further and straighter, well if I had the magic potion, I would be selling it on the PGA tour by the litre. Hitting the golf ball straighter and further comes down to 5 basic laws 1. SPEED The velocity […]

Get the Best Results from your Hybrid

Get the Best Results from your HybridThis months tip is how to get the best results from your hybrid. The caddies in Thailand will call this club “Mei Khatoey” meaning half wood half iron, or “ladyboy” as they so passionately call it. Hybrid clubs are incredibly useful from the close cut fairways and long grass that the courses in Thailand have, […]

Putting on Thailand Golf Courses

Putting on Thailand Golf CoursesAs if putting wasn’t hard enough already, you pack your clubs to come play in Thailand and you come up against a different style of grass that you haven’t played before. If you’re from the tropics then you are familiar putting with, against and across the grain. The grain generally follows either the direction in […]

Best Cambodia Golf Destinations

Best Cambodia Golf DestinationsSix years ago there were no international standard golf courses in Cambodia.  Today there are three 18 hole championship venues, all in Siem Reap.  Siem Reap is best known as the home of UNESCO World Heritage site Angkor Wat and several other ancient Khmer temples. and that continues to be the main draw for foreign […]
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