Golfing in Thailand

Golfing in Thailand - Sukothai Dance

Destination diversity and the vast choice of golf courses located throughout the country are key factors attracting the large numbers of visitors coming to play golf in Thailand.
From the beach resorts in the south such as Phuket, to the mountainous surroundings in the north, or the bustling cities of Bangkok and Pattaya, there are golf courses to suit every preference. All are located in highly accessible areas with fast and convenient door-to-door transfers possible within several hours’ travel time. This provides visitors with a vast choice for planning a golf holiday.

Thailand – ‘Best Up and Coming Destination’ for Golf Vacations

With modern facilities, internationally designed golf courses, and an excellent infrastructure, the availability of golf has developed significantly in Thailand. This has been evidenced by the World Golf Travel Agents Association recently awarding Thailand the ‘Best up and coming destination’ for golf vacations.
Thailand has hosted world class golf tournaments attracting such players as Tiger Woods, Ernie Els, and Colin Montgomerie to name but a few. Such courses as Blue Canyon in Phuket have played host to international tournaments together with Thai Country Club and Alpine Golf Club in Bangkok during the last few years. Thai Country Club will in fact host the high profile Asian Volvo Masters for the next 3 years.
Following a brief slow down after the economic crisis in 1997, the development of new championship standard golf courses in Thailand continues at a phenomenal rate. To date there over 200 courses located throughout the country. This number is expected to grow to 250 as new golf courses currently under construction come on stream. This new investment being made in the golfing sector in Thailand will further enhance the facilities and courses available to visitors.