Don't forget these essentials!

Don’t forget these essentials!

Travelling overseas requires a bit of planning. It has happened to the best of us that we have forgotten the one or other essential.

We have put together a check-list for you to print out when packing your bags for your next golf holiday in Asia.

Let us know if we forgot anything.

  • Keys – Simple
  • Wallet – Crucial
  • Passport – Missed two flights leaving this behind
  • Tickets – Ok you can reprint these but good to have.
  • Hat – they can sometimes be long rounds out here after stopping every three holes, keep covered.
  • Underwear – people generally shower after golf here so bring a few extra pairs
  • Socks – golf and normal wear
  • Belt – an extra belt is always handy
  • Toiletries – Have a spare set to take to the golf course
  • Mobile Phone – Most people can’t live without it. Check the local providers before you arrive for network connections
  • Phone Charger – One for the hotel at least
  • Power Bank – Really useful for when you are out and about
  • Laptop – If you are planning on doing any work…
  • Electrical Adaptors – Get the right one if you are travelling to any of our destinations!
  • Pain Relief – although the sun does wonders for this
  • Prescribed Medications – this one is critical. You may struggle to get the exact same abroad
  • Drink Holder – I would recommend buying a “Yetti” or something similar, keeps the drinks cool all day
  • Bandages or band aids – You might buy a new pair of shoes for this trip..
  • Golf Gloves – It’s roasting in Asia most of the time so bring an extra one or two
  • Golf Balls – loads of water here…
  • Golf Clubs – Never actually forgotten these
  • Golf Shoes – Again one or two pairs
  • Sunglasses – Not everyone plays in them but worth bringing for by the pool at least
  • Sunscreen – Pretty pricey in Thailand, stock up at home.
  • ChapStick – Nice
  • Umbrella – If not for the rain for the heat!
  • Rainwear – Maybe a rain jacket not the full set of waterproofs