Custom Fitted Clubs

Custom Fitted Clubs and Their Importance

With dozens of grips, hundreds of heads and thousands of shafts making for literally millions of club combinations, more of us are turning to custom fitters to make sense of the equipment minefield.

It is a fact that 90 per cent of golfers are playing either the wrong clubs and shafts, or inappropriate specifications for their game.  Out of every ten golfers, nine will probably need non-standard lie angles; six will need non-standard shaft lengths – maybe as much as two inches extra; while nine will also be playing the wrong shaft flex – usually too stiff. Everybody has a different physique, or a different style or speed of swing and yet the club manufacturers try to cover the broad spectrum of the market so what is the chance of getting the clubs that are exactly right for you!

The average golfer will benefit from a regular shaft with a mid kick point and even a graphite shaft which is lighter than steel which creates more club head speed and so more distance. And if you have trouble getting the ball in the air then try a 12 degree loft with a shaft that has a low kick point. There are even different specifications depending on whether you are in Asia or the USA and if you have made a mistake and bought the Asian spec, you may find the club shorter than standard with an unsuitable shaft.

You can see how important the right equipment is for you, so take your time when buying your new clubs and go and see your nearest custom fitter. It’s worth it, this game is hard enough even with the right clubs!