Top 3 Tips To Lower Your Score – With No Swing Change Required!

Top 3 Tips To Lower Your Score – With No Swing Change Required!

At Golfasian., we are as passionate about golf as anyone out there. But… from time to time, we all having tough times on the course and we have some suggestions that might just help.

Check our top 3 below and reduce the damage or perhaps you might even lower the score!

1. Keep the ball on the deck around the greens

Reducing the risk is one of the fastest ways to reduce your score without the need to improve or change your swing, or equipment. In general, the less time your ball spends in the air around the greens, the less likely it will be to end up in trouble. Every time you reach for your most lofted club, higher scores can come very fast. Next time, try and put your short game shot selection in the following order:

  1. Putt
  2. Chip
  3. Pitch/Flop

Basically, you want to try and putt whenever you can and chip when you cannot putt. Think about using whichever club will allow you to keep your stroke small while also carrying the trouble. If you need to carry some danger then, of course, get your wedge out and pitch but remember that pitching requires a larger swinging motion and therefore carries the greatest risk – consider it a last resort.

Doing this will surprise both you and your playing partners by the end of the round as your mistakes will go unnoticed by your playing partners, and most importantly, your scorecard.

2. Know when to take your medicine

Mistakes are part of every round but we have control over how many we make – to an extent! There is an art to knowing when to go for it and when to back off and play safer. You might think that you can play the hero shot and maybe one time out of one hundred you might but we all know you’re better off simply taking your medicine instead, and playing your ball into a spot that leaves an easier next shot.

Of course, trying to hit the hero shot is fun and everyone loves to tell their mates about it in the clubhouse bar afterwards, but it’s often what leads to big numbers on the scorecard — which aren’t fun at all!

3. Have a favorite club (and use it)

We all have days when we are not quite striking it right, so what happens when you aren’t hitting the ball like you want to?

Give this a try and you will certainly limit the damage: Go back to using your favorite club as often as possible, from tee to green, no matter where you are or even if you think it’s not the right yardage. With a favorite club, there’s a natural connection that you can have which will enable you to play shots that may be unorthodox but will work.

Practice all different kinds of shots with it next time you go to the driving range — from bump and runs to half-club shots, try them all! That way, you’ll be well prepared for when things go south. By leaning on your favorite club, you’ll help boost your confidence and give yourself an option when things aren’t going as planned, eventually regaining the confidence to get back to your normal ways.

Good luck!

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