Putting: The Short Game

Putting: The Short Game

An average of 43 percent of the strokes you make in a game of golf will be putts. The next highest is your woods, at 25 percent, followed by 13 percent chipping, 10 percent irons, and 5 percent hazard shots.

Putting is incredibly important. Most people want to hit the ball farther and straighter. That’s important, but effective putting makes the difference between an average golfer and a good golfer.

Don’t forget the mental side; tell yourself you are a great putter, and you’re going to sink every putt you look at. Then practice to gain confidence in that belief.

Don’t be afraid to change something to give you inspiration, a change of grip, an open stance or even a change of putter can work wonders. Jack Nicklaus once said after being beaten by his wife that putting was 10% technique and 90% inspiration.

Good golfers enjoy working on their putting but make it interesting and don’t practice for too long. Once you lose your concentration all the good work will be undone. Set yourself a target when you are about to finish your practice session, find a straight put and try and hole 10 in a row from 6 feet before you can go home. It’s good to leave your practice sessions on a positive note.

Enjoy working on your putting, it can make a difference to 43 percent of your game!