Laos Golf Courses | Play Golf in Laos

Below is a list of some of the best golf courses in Laos.


Lakeview Vientiane Golf Club

(top quality resort course with good maintenance)

Lakeview Vientiane Golf Club is a modern resort courses located within Vientiane City. Designers have used clever mounding and earth works to transform a basically flat field into an interesting and challenging golf course.

Now a series of manmade lakes frame each hole.

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Lao Country Club

The Lao Country Club is now in excellent shape thanks to the significant amount of refurbishment that it has undergone lately. A good job has indeed been done. Previously referred to as the Youth Garden Golf Course, the Lao Country Club was upgraded to an impressive resort that meets even the highest of standards.

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Long Vien Golf Club

(well-maintained course is one of the best in Vientiane)

Long Vien Golf Course is the first 27-hole course in Laos. The original 18 opened in 2012 and the second 18 in 2016. The Laos golf course is located in a special duty free zone 16 kilometers outside Vientiane and 1 kilometer from the Mekong River which separates Thailand and Laos.

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Luang Prabang Golf Club

The Luang Prabang Golf Club lies roughly 6km to the West of the town center and is situated along Mekong River on the South Bank. It is surrounded by tropical mountains which are forested.

Holes 14 up to 17 lie parallel with the riverbank.

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