Tips for Planning Your Next Golf Holiday to Asia

A tradition enjoyed by golfers all over the planet! Here are some tips to get the most out of it

  1. Look at different destination and time to visit
    Time of year to travel is Asia will have a big impact. During the rainy season you can take a chance with the cheaper prices or come in High season when the temperatures are lower.
  2. Choose a great group of people!
    Is this a fun holiday with friends and family or a seriously competitive trip? Consider the ability of the group, prizes or trophies for each division!
  3. Explore the place not just the golf course
    While the main focus is golf take some time to explore this wonderful country with one of our guides, it’s amazing what you can see in half a day!
  4. Is it a resort course or downtown hotel you want?
    Do you want to stay in a resort like Black Mountain in Hua Hin? Or in a downtown hotel like the Centara Hua Hin where you can walk easily to the restaurants and bars.
  5. Mix up the games you play
    Is it all going to be medal play? On new courses I would suggest some stable ford games, doubles, and team games to make it more interesting! Bring a trophy!
  6. Tee-times
    Golf tee times in Thailand can be booked usually two months in advance, tell us early and we can get to the front of the queue! Most golfers prefer around 11am after breakfast or late afternoon to avoid the higher temperatures.
  7. How much golf should you play?
    This is about maximizing the enjoyment of the group! Playing every day here for 7 days can turn into a real slog! Have a rest day and enjoy everything else on offer!
  8. Planning in advance
    There are lots of moving parts in a golf holiday. People arriving at different times, staying at different hotels. Give us a much information as soon as you can so we can work it all out for you!
  9. Group decisions
    Not always easy to do but try and get everyone’s opinion early on and build from that.