Corporate Golf Days

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Planning a corporate golf event may not be as straightforward as you think.

It’s probably the one day of the year when the greatest number of your valuable customers are gathered together.
You have an outstanding opportunity to impress them with your company’s professionalism and attention to detail.

At the same time, your business needs to maximize the return on the budget it’s about to spend – that means buying facilities, promotional items, prizes and ancillary services in the most efficient and cost effective way. Golfasian has established arrangements with a number of prestigious venues that enable our clients to benefit from discounted rates and dates that might otherwise not be available. Golfasian also has long established trading accounts with golf and promotional merchandise manufacturers, enabling clients to purchase gifts & prizes at very competitive prices.

When you consider that many venues are booked more than a year in advance and that golf professionals charge retail prices for gifts and prizes, the benefits of retaining Golfasian quickly becomes apparent.

Other considerations include the style, quality and difficulty of golf venue required. This should be based not only upon your company’s budgetary and geographical requirements, but also upon the profile of the guests. It’s important to consider whether they are established or new customers or prospects and to take into account their golfing ability. Some additional coaching should be considered for novice golfers who are valuable customers but might not yet have the confidence to play in the main event.

Administratively, consideration should also be given to the amount of time your employees might spend working on the event and the company time they might waste looking for the best deal and getting and comparing quotations. If this is not the job they are normally employed to do the ‘real’ or ‘opportunity’ cost to your business might be much greater than anticipated.

Golfasian aims to remove the entire administrative burden from your company. Golfasian will identify appropriate venues for your event, provide detailed budgets and make suggestions for prizes and gifts. Our service includes distribution of invitations and collation of responses, either by post or electronically (many of our clients prefer us to create bespoke websites from which their hospitality events can be administered). Golfasian will also suggest, cost and arrange additional services like guest speakers, trick shot shows, golf instruction clinics and photography or video of your event.

At Golfasian your event is managed by qualified golf staff with a combined experience of over 20 years in the industry, In fact, the phrase most heard at the completion of our golf days is, “… best golf day I have ever attended”.

This is due to the all round attention to detail we offer, whether it be the informative golf clinic prior to the round, the quality of the gifts on arrival, the assistance of the golf professionals, the on course service, the professional nature of the post golf function or just the smooth running of the entire event.
We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the client a quality event within the company’s profile and image.


Pre event

  • Meet with client and determine the structure of the event
  • Provide budgets and suggestions for various courses
  • Complete event correspondence with the golf course.
  • Assistance with invitation process.
  • On-line registration available.
  • Sourcing and co-ordination of signage.
  • Arranging all catering in conjunction with the client.
  • Sourcing and supplying all gifts and prizes.
  • Preparing and supplying of name badges.
  • Preparing draw sheets and program for the day.
  • Sourcing and supply of event options.

On the day

  • Supplying staff to ensure smooth running of the event.
  • Erection of all signage.
  • Organising special event markers.
  • Controlling player registration.
  • Conducting a golf clinic for guests.
  • Briefing all guests prior to the round.
  • Organising professionals to play with guests throughout the round.
  • Adjustment of draw and starting of the field.
  • Controlling play to ensure a smooth quick round.
  • Co-ordination of on course event options.
  • Providing guests with on course refreshments.
  • Collecting and checking scorecards.
  • Compilation of prize winners list.
  • Decoration of prize table.
  • MC the prize presentation.

Timing, Costs and Options


Golf days can either have a morning or afternoon start depending upon the client’s wishes. We recommend a morning start with lunch to follow as there is less attrition of guests on the day due to the fact they haven’t had the opportunity to go into the office prior to the event. Also with the busy schedule executives have, we find it is often nice to get home early.
Suggested timings for an AM and PM event:

Morning Event
7.00 am Registration & Morning Refreshments
7.45 am Golf Clinic
8.30 am Announcements
9.00 am Golf – Shotgun start
2.00 pm Shower & Change / Drinks in Lounge
2.30 pm Lunch/Dinner & Prize Presentation
3.30 pm Approximate Close
Afternoon event
10.30 am Registration & Morning Refreshments
11.15 am Golf Clinic
12.00 pm Announcements
12.30 pm Golf – Shotgun start
5.30 pm Shower & Change / Drinks in Lounge
6.00 pm Lunch/Dinner & Prize Presentation
7.00 pm Approximate Close

* Above is a guideline only and can be tailored to suit your company’s requirements


The following are base items that need to be budgeted for when preparing a corporate golf event:

  • Green Fees / caddy / carts
  • Gifts on Arriva
  • Breakfast
  • On Course Refreshments/Snacks
  • Lunch
  • Prize Package


Our staff will be on hand to register all players. We recommend at registration each guest is presented with a gift bag, a program of the day’s activities and a name badge.

Golf Clinic (Optional)

As part of the services, our golf professionals can conduct a clinic for all guests as part of the early registration format as detailed earlier. During the interactive clinic guests participate in various competitions. Topics can include:

  1. How to drive the ball further
  2. How to cure the slice
  3. How to play in the wind
  4. Trouble shots
  5. Bunkers
  6. Chipping & Pitching
  7. Putting

Golf Format

We work with the client to structure the best format of play based on the skill level of the guests and the difficultly of the golf course. On most occasions an Ambrose event best fits the criteria. Ambrose has a number of advantages:

  • It keeps the group together for the entire round and generates real team spirit and enthusiasm.
  • It allows players of average or less than average ability to play without the embarrassment of holding up play. They can also contribute to the team score with an occasional good shot or putt.
  • It gives good players a smooth, quick round of golf.
  • It allows our host professional to give on-course instruction to the complete group as they play.
  • It makes for a fun day for everyone regardless of his or her golfing ability.

Event Options

Golfasian has a range of golf day options that can be used to make your event one to remember.

Golf Professionals

Additional golf professionals are the most popular event option. These pros are carefully selected for their friendly and outgoing personalities and are placed around the course so that each group plays 1-3 holes with a pro depending on the group size.

Golf Clinic before or during the event

Most of the time there are guests you would like to attend the event but they are not golfers. These clinics allow you to invite them along to learn some more about the game prior to the event in the hope that they would have enough confidence to join the day when it comes around. Alternatively we can conduct a clinic during the golf event for the non-golfers and have them join the rest of the guests for the after golf function.


Whether it be general photos from the day displayed on a screen during presentation or the full production with print outs, magazine covers and an edited track put to music, it is all available. All photographers supply a master CD with photos at the completion of the event so that you can print or email the photos at your discretion. In some cases a full colour catalogue can also be supplied.

Video Production

Give your guests something different at your next corporate day. A professionally shot & edited production of the golf day ready to play within 1 hour of the completion of the round. Additional DVDs are also available should you wish to have one provided to each guest.

Golf Swing Analysis

All participants are videoed throughout the day and given their registration card. At the completion of the event all videos are then uploaded to the website, able to be viewed the following day.
The interactive digital system allows your players to not only view their swings online, but also to analyze different positional aspects of their swings and compare against leading golf professionals on the same screen.

Limo Pick Up & Drop Off

Why not treat your guests to the full service with limo pick up and drop off from their home to the golf course.

Tournament formats

  1. Scramble
    The Scramble is probably the most-common format for team tournaments. It can be played by 2-, 3- or 4-person teams, and involves the best of the tee shots is selected and all players play their second shots from that spot. The best of the second shots is determined, then all play their third shots from that spot, and so on until the ball is holed.
  2. Best Ball
    In a Best Ball tournament, all members of each team play their own balls on each hole. At the completion of the hole, the highest stableford score among all team members serves as the team score. Best Ball can also be called Four Ball, and variations include 1-2-3 Best Ball.
  3. Lone Ranger
    Lone Ranger, also called Money Ball, Yellow Ball or Pink Ball, puts the onus on one player per team per hole to come through with a good score. Players in a group of four rotate as the “Lone Ranger;” on each hole, the score of the designated Lone Ranger is combined with the low score of the other three team members for the team score.
  4. Peoria System
    The Peoria System is a sort of 1-day handicap system for a stroke play tournament in which most of the players do not have established handicaps. It allows all players to, following the round, deduce something resembling a handicap allowance and apply it to their scores. Peoria involves totaling your score on preselected (but secret, until after the round) holes, then doing some multiplication and division.
  5. Callaway System
    Like Peoria, the Callaway System is a quasi-handicapping system that can be employed for a stroke play event in which most of the particants do not have handicaps. The Callaway System involves consulting a chart following the round to determine a handicap deduction and handicap allowance.
    When the Callaway System is in use, all competitors tee off and play stroke play, scoring in the normal fashion with one exception – double par is the maximum score on any given hole (i.e., on a par 4, 8 is the maximum score).
    Following the round, gross scores are tallied. Based on each golfer’s gross score (using the double par maximum), each golfer tallies up a prescribed number of worst scores from their scorecard, then applies a second adjustment that may add or subtract additional strokes.
    Utilizing the Callaway System requires consulting a chart to determine a handicap deduction and handicap adjustment. For further explanation and an example of how the Callaway System works:
Gross (using double par max.) Handicap Deduction
70 71 72 Scratch
73 74 75 1/2 of Worst Hole
76 77 78 79 80 Worst Hole
81 82 83 84 85 1 1/2 Worst Holes
86 87 88 89 90 2 Worst Holes
91 92 93 94 95 2 1/2 Worst Holes
96 97 98 99 100 3 Worst Holes
101 102 103 104 105 3 1/2 Worst Holes
106 107 108 109 110 4 Worst Holes
111 112 113 114 115 4 1/2 Worst Holes
116 117 118 119 120 5 Worst Holes
121 122 123 124 125 5 1/2 Worst Holes
126 127 128 129 130 6 Worst Holes
-2 -1 0 +1 +2 Handicap Adjustment

Contact the Golfasian Golf Events Team to start planning, oraganizing and running your very own corporate golf event in Thailand.

Thailand Golf Tournament

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Corporate Golf Tournaments

It has often been said that more business deals are concluded on the golf course than in the boardroom and there is no better of building sound and lasting business relationships than through the game of golf.
In today’s competitive business environment corporate entertainment is playing a more important roll in customer relationships, and a Golfasian Corporate Golf Tournament is the ideal way to enhance your company or brand profile and to entertain your valued customers in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere.
Corporate golf tournaments promotes synergy with business colleagues and clients alike, your own corporate golf tournament will encourage camaraderie and cement relationships with all who participate.
The tournament would adopt your company’s name or brand and the Golfasian tournament organizers will make sure that your company gets the maximum PR benefit with the minimum input of valuable company executive’s time.
The example tournament below illustrates how a typical corporate golf tournament would operate and the associated budget costs, remarkably little when you think about the returns

Example Corporate Golf Tournament Itinerary & Quotation

Date: Weekday 2006
Golf Course: Alpine Golf & Sports Club
Number of Golfers: 50
First tee time: 12.30

Alpine Golf & Sports Club

Designed by Ronald M. Garl and opened in 1996 this magnificent championship golf course was once again been selected to host Asia’s premier golf tournament, The Johnnie Walker Classic in January 2006. Alpine golf course is truly magnificent, laid out over flat terrain Alpine is a challenge for the amateur and professional golfer alike. All of the holes are particularly well planned with a good arrangement of water hazards and magnificently maintained fairways. In the Millennium year 2000 Alpine played host to the Johnnie Walker Classic, won by Tiger Woods, it’s really not surprising that Alpine was chosen once more to host Asia’s premier golfing event.

Tournament Itinerary

10.00 – 11.00 Pre- tournament warm up at the driving range
11.00 – 12.00 Registration, Pre-Tournament Reception
Tournament registration in the clubhouse.
Deep Fried Wantan Bags, Assorted Finger Sandwiches
Orange Juice, Fresh Fruits, Coffee or Tea
12.30 First groups tee off from holes number 1 & 10
17.30 – 18.30 Pre-Dinner Reception by the Pool
Mini Ham Croissant – Assorted Canapes – Mini Curry Puffs
Pork and Chicken Satays – Potato Chips and Peanuts – Fried Chicken Wings
Fresh Fruits in Season
Standard Bar set up for one hour session including Red & White Wine, Whisky, Gin, Vodka, Local Beer and Soft Drinks
18.45 Dinner by the Pool& Presentation Awards Ceremony.
Chinese Banquet Menu

  • Assorted hot Hors d’ouvers
  • Shark fins in brown sauce
  • Deep fried crispy chicken
  • Thai style abalone salad
  • Steamed fish with soy sauce
  • Four kinds of vegetables with crabmeat
  • River prawns in soy sauce
  • Baked rice in lotus leaf
  • Ginks nuts with three beans
20.00 Carriages

Price per golfer: Bt 6,900
Includes: Driving Range Balls, Green Fees, Caddy Fees, Golf Cart (1 golfer per cart) Pre-Golf reception, Pre-Dinner reception (including free bar one hour) Presentation Dinner and Golf Trophies.
Additional non-golfers: Receptions and Dinner Bt 2,300.

Tournament Format

The tournament will be played to the stableford format, stableford format allows players that have returned a bad score at any given hole still to maintain a genuine interest in the tournament.
Thirteen flights will tee-off consecutively from holes 1 and 10 at Alpine Golf & Sports Club, the winner of the tournament will be the player who has recorded the highest number of stableford points over the 18 holes played, if there is a tie the winner will be calculated on a count-back.
Normally at tournaments of this size I would recommend that as well as First, Second and Third prizes for the stableford tournament, there should be a nearest the pin hole and a longest drive hole on the front and back nine. The nearest the pin holes would be the shortest par 3’s and the longest drives at the straightest holes on the front and back nine.
To encourage synergy between the team partners I recommend that a team prize should be awarded to the group playing together who have the lowest net score over the 18 holes played, this will be based on the best ball net score recorded at each hole with full handicaps.

Tournament Administration

Golfasian will take care of all tournament organization and administration prior to and during the event, the client has to provide a list of players names and their golf handicaps one week prior to the event, advise of player groupings and teams 1-7 (Front Nine) and 6-13 (Back Nine) one week prior to the event.
Once we have all the information we will prepare a tournament roster of all the participating players in our USGA golf software programme, this software will provide tournament results stableford and team results net or points within 30 minutes of the tournament end.
Golfasian will provide a tournament briefing document that will be given to all players on arrival at the course, this document will advise of the tournament format and rules, the players tee off times, playing partners and the hole at which his group will start. The document will also advise of the holes for the Nearest the Pin and Longest Drive prize holes.
Golfasian will be responsible for the provision of markers for Nearest the Pin and Longest Drive holes. Scorecards will be exchanged at the first tee and each player will be responsible for recording their partners gross score, at the end of the round cards should be signed and countersigned then passed to the tournament operations desk located in the clubhouse to have their stableford points recorded.
Tournament results will be available in print out form approximately 30mins after the tournament ends.

Tournament Prizes

First Prize: Thai Ceramic golf trophy
Second Prize: Thai Ceramic golf trophy
Third Prize: Thai Ceramic golf trophy
Team Prize: Thai Ceramic golf trophy for the four team members.
Nearest the pin / Longest Drive: 4 Thai Ceramic trophies.

Golfasian – how we can help

This golf tournament proposal quotation and itinerary is prepared purely as guide to running a successful corporate golf tournament, in this case we have selected Alpine Golf & Sports Club, probably the most desirable members only course in Thailand
Whatever kind of golf tournament you would like to run from 20 – 200 players Golfasian have the experience to make sure that the management and organization will assure that the tournament is a resounding success. You the client are at liberty to pick and choose what kind of tournament your group or company wants to run.

The choice is yours

Choose your budget – Choose the golf course – Choose the tournament format –
Choose the pre-golf entertainment – Choose the presentation awards dinner menu –
Choose the prizes.