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Black Mountain Golf Club

27 holes par 72/36 (7343/3621 yards) A member of Golf in a Kingdom - The Thailand Golf Experience

Black Mountain Golf Club Information

Designer:   Phil Ryan
Holes / Par / Yardage:   27 holes par 72/36 (7343/3621 yards)
Established:   2007

10 kilometers west of Hua Hin


30 minutes from Hua Hin

Closed on:   Open everyday
Max. golfers per group:   Weekday: 4
Weekend: 4
Golf Cart:   THB 700
Golf Set:   THB 1500
Golf Shoes:   THB 200
Umbrella:   THB 100
Driving Range:   Yes
Facilities:   Accommodation, Fitness, Massage, Restaurants, Sauna, Snooker, Spa, Swimming Pool, Tennis
Black Mountain Golf Club Description:
(one of the 100 best golf courses in the world)

Black Mountain was transformed from lush jungle and pineapple plantations and located around 25 minutes west of Hua Hin. Set in a valley surrounded by huge black granite rock covered mountains, the Hua Hin golf course was the site for Asian PGA tour events in 2009 and 2010 and the Europe versus Asia match play Royal Trophy in 2011. In 2012 and each year since Black Mountain was selected as one of the 100 best golf courses outside the USA by Golf Digest magazine.

The course has been set up for the serious golfer with tournament golf in mind. Since its opening in 2007, it has hosted both European and Asian Tour events, plus the prestigious Royal Trophy. It is set against the backdrop of black rocky hills about 10 km west of Hua Hin. The bunkers and fairways are in fantastic condition given the exposed nature of the landscape. The clubhouse is a 5-star facility with fresh breezes on the open dining terrace with an extensive bar and varied Swedish, Thai and Western menu. The caddies are the best dressed in Thailand in wonderful gold and black outfits. They are trained to the highest level of service on and off the course.

Black Mountain Golf Club stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of natural beauty and golfing excellence. Situated in the heart of Hua Hin, Thailand, this world-class golf destination offers golfers an unforgettable experience amid stunning landscapes and meticulously crafted fairways.

Designed by renowned architect Phil Ryan, the championship course at Black Mountain unfolds over undulating terrain, presenting golfers with a captivating and challenging journey. Towering hills, lush vegetation, and strategically placed water features complement the course, creating a picturesque backdrop that enhances the overall golfing ambiance.

The championship layout caters to golfers of all skill levels, with multiple tee options ensuring an enjoyable and challenging round for both beginners and seasoned players alike. Each hole is a unique masterpiece, featuring well-defined fairways, strategically placed bunkers, and greens that demand precision and skill.

The clubhouse at Black Mountain Golf Club serves as a beacon of hospitality and relaxation. Its contemporary design seamlessly integrates with the natural surroundings, offering a comfortable retreat for golfers to unwind after a day on the course. Panoramic views of the course and surrounding landscapes can be enjoyed from the clubhouse, providing a perfect setting for post-round camaraderie.

Black Mountain Golf Club Video:
Black Mountain Golf Club - Video
Black Mountain Golf Club Photos:
Black Mountain Golf Club - Layout
  Black Mountain Golf Club - Fairway
Black Mountain Golf Club - Green
Black Mountain Golf Club - Clubhouse

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Black Mountain Golf Club
Black Mountain Golf Club
Black Mountain Golf Club
Black Mountain Golf Club
Black Mountain Golf Club
Black Mountain Golf Club
Black Mountain Golf Club
Black Mountain Golf Club
Black Mountain Golf Club
Black Mountain Golf Club
Black Mountain Golf Club
Black Mountain Golf Club
Black Mountain Golf Club
Black Mountain Golf Club
Black Mountain Golf Club
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Black Mountain Golf Club Reviews & Comments

Bruce W. (2024-05-12)
"I’d rate this a A grade course. Probably 4.5 rather than 4. The routing was excellent. The greens were in excellent condition. My caddies were very knowledgeable. The fairways were disappointing due to the lack of conditioning (lack of water)."
Michael K. (2024-04-16)
"Fabulous setting, greens excellent but fairways need water Ice box required on the buggy"
David V. (2024-04-16)
"Course still very playable, despite the lack of water. Excellent facilities, caddies, etc, etc. Memorable from the time you arrive to the time you leave."
Clive B. (2024-03-25)
"Again everything was great"
Mark B. (2024-03-18)
"Lovely course and facilities, but very busy."
Karen M. (2024-03-14)
"The layout made is an interesting and fun course to play. My husbands favourite to play"
Paul W. (2024-03-10)
"Fairways weren’t great a bit dry with lots of bare/tight lies but a great course."
Brian R. (2024-03-08)
"A fun course to play."
Vinod . (2024-03-05)
"Beautiful course very challenging would love to have played this course twice"
Kristofferson N. (2024-03-04)
"This was my favorite track in Hua Hin. Inviting tee shots, par 5's with downhill speed slots, really nice greens and views."
Sarah B. (2024-03-02)
"Excellent course and clubhouse"
Craig P. (2024-03-01)
"Great course"
Gregory T. (2024-02-29)
"Always excellent to play "
Soewito S. (2024-02-29)
"The best course from our trip"
Juin S. (2024-02-29)
"Nice but fairway looks too dry"
Peter R. (2024-02-27)
"A wonderful layout , the greens were very true. Beautiful club"
Darryl S. (2024-02-26)
"Course is great, we played later in the day and previously it was very relaxed, we found all 3 courses busier this time around. when felt like we had to keep moving whereas part of the charm previously was stopping for a drink, food, etc. But that happens when people come back to golf. Why they want to rush i will never know as it is so beautiful on the course.. Often the group behind our last group was playing off the forward social tees and were playing men's blue tees, but it was not a serious problem. "
Gordon D. (2024-02-25)
"Shot a 80 so was wrapped with that. Open and challenging course a bit dry but hole layout outstanding "
Kristian S. (2024-02-24)
"Very tough but great course"
Dieter K. (2024-02-23)
"great layout, but unfortunately not the beauty we expected due to water shortage"
Bjorn K. (2024-02-22)
"Banan var fin men alla dammar hade i stort sett inget vatten Ett lite minus var att den tog lång tid att spela 18 hål det tyckte nästan all vi pratade med spontant släppte man ut för mycket folk på banan väldigt mycket väntan på alla hål"
Mike W. (2024-02-22)
"Fabulous course. The starter and caddie allocation process always feels a bit chaotic"
Russell C. (2024-02-19)
"Loved this course"
Jenet C. (2024-02-19)
"Good facilities and nice golf course"
Willem T. (2024-02-18)
"Great golfcourse"
Dianne S. (2024-02-18)
"Beautiful! Nicest of our Hua Hin courses!"
Frazer M. (2024-02-16)
"Great course and layout but the greens were perhaps not as good as we had expected. Caddies very good."
David E. (2024-02-14)
"Was my favourite, love everything about it"
Joerg J. (2024-02-11)
"Spectacular course but not my favorite one (each hole is only designed to be difficult to play). For such a famos and outstanding course I would expect, that carts would have GPS-monitor on board and that drinking water would be free of extra charge. I would not like to play this course again."
Charles N. (2024-01-31)
"Excellent course- - and I got a birdie on the 9th"
Frans V. (2024-01-24)
"Very, very Beautiful course, good clubhouse , an 9"
Michael W. (2024-01-09)
"Pros: Amazing shape. Great course. Great experience. Cons: none"
Olivier S. (2023-12-11)
"Excellent design. Holes diverse and well integrated in the landscape. Great condition "
Christian N. (2023-12-11)
"Super course"
Bruno G. (2023-12-10)
"The place is great ."
Noel G. (2023-11-29)
"Very well maintained golf course. Great caddies Very slow pace of play particularly on all par 3’s"
Brian D. (2023-11-22)
"Great course , great caddies but Very busy "
Russel S. (2023-11-22)
"My favourite course only a 4 because of the poor condition of the Tees apparently some chemical error when feeding."
Tony S. (2023-11-21)
"Play was very slow with so many golfers."
Philipp S. (2023-11-20)
"the best course on my trip. And so far the best course that I played in South East Asia. Just EXCELLENT! and worth every penny! With a wonderful 19th Hole!"
Khalid I. (2023-11-15)
"Very scenic Was expecting it to be similar in nature to red mountain Phuket but it was not Red mountain is still my favourite course "
Kevin D. (2023-11-14)
"Was a great course but prefer courses with no homes on them."
Reinier V. (2023-11-14)
"We played here several times and it is never the same. A beautiful course, experienced caddies and stunning views. We will always return there."
Geoffrey D. (2023-11-14)
"Challenging "
Brett H. (2023-11-11)
"It was in excellent condition and was visually stunning. It was also a great challenge."
Ben L. (2023-11-08)
"The course was in excellent condition. The challenge that it provided."
David C. (2023-11-04)
"Black Mountain and Banyan are two very special courses. If my group were to pick a winner from the two, Banyan would edge it based on having a better Clubhouse."
Dominick F. (2023-11-03)
"Brilliant course with excellent caddies "
Bruce P. (2023-11-01)
"Everything about the course was great. "
William S. (2023-10-29)
"Just excellent"
Peter H. (2023-10-21)
"Course was great a very tough but enjoyable venue for the level of golfers on tour "
Beng C. (2023-10-20)
"Liked the North Course, West Course was not so good. Wet and less well maintained."
John C. (2023-10-16)
"Top class course and facilities - caddies were excellent"
Husam A. (2023-10-13)
"Very well maintained and nice challenge"
Anton T. (2023-10-12)
"Top class"
Ankush C. (2023-10-09)
"Fabulous "
Kevin &. (2023-09-29)
"Again just great to play"
Kim S. (2023-09-28)
"Excellent - shot 76 Just simply beautiful"
John E. (2023-09-20)
"Great course, but again the Starter had a real sour attitude. Because we wanted to go to the driving range before the round, he found it a little inconvenient for him. He was forcing as many players and our bags into a small golf cart to take us to the range. Not the level of service one would expect from a course like this. Some staff just need to have an attitude adjustment!"
Philip R. (2023-09-01)
"Very nice"
Clement M. (2023-08-31)
"Excellent condition "
Michael W. (2023-08-30)
"Played the North and the new 9 ( formally the par 3 nine ) so a bit of a contrast, second 9 much easier , the East course was closed pending a tournament"
Marc W. (2023-08-30)
"Beautiful course. Challenging yet fun. Caddies were great. "
Olav M. (2023-08-30)
"Played 2 of the 9. A great place love the lay out ( except a couple of holes ) Good Condition , great pro shop , Good restaurant with some good different dishes . "
Tim D. (2023-07-30)
"Great course and facility all round - hard to split the best between this and Banyan GC, would only come down to personal preference, disappointed we could not play the championship 18 in 1 round as it is the best of the configurations, the west ( new ) is ok but not as good as the east and north IMO"
Scott P. (2023-07-06)
"Great course"
Ahsan K. (2023-07-06)
"Simply phenomenal. Loved every bit of the course, the experience. And I had a sweet round of ball striking and putting."
Chris M. (2023-06-10)
"Lived up to its reputation."
Bill L. (2023-05-23)
"Wow, what a place. Very impressive golf course and facility."
Joan M. (2023-05-13)
"Scenic and well maintained. The pro shop had a good stock. Club house is nice too"
Peter S. (2023-05-12)
"Excellent golf course but in our opinion runs 2nd to Banyan due to the wide open nature of the golf course, also some changes have been made since Covid which we feel made the course a little less challenging."
Karl J. (2023-04-19)
"Best course I have played"
Johan E. (2023-04-04)
"Best course in SEA, my absolute favorite. Standard is immaculate and the caddies are first class. Restaurant has declined since my last visit, not the same standard as before."
Ricky C. (2023-04-04)
"Well managed, great conditions and just good golf fun. It is a challenge, but not crazy hard and enough tee choices to let everyone have a good time. My caddie's name is Mon and she was excellent, professional and personable and added to the day on the course."
Paul H. (2023-04-03)
"All Good"
Georgios Z. (2023-03-30)
"Perfect golf course - the best we played"
Jamie M. (2023-03-17)
"This course is top notch beautiful lay out greens were great "
Hao N. (2023-03-13)
"Beautiful course, good services."
David C. (2023-03-12)
"Magnificent no complaints "
Karol P. (2023-03-12)
"Just perfect"
Melanie F. (2023-03-06)
"Beautiful course, well maintained but very slow. "
John B. (2023-03-05)
"The best course we have played in ASIA "
Harry H. (2023-03-05)
"By far the best course we played on. The caddies were very good and the course was in great shape."
Mariaan M. (2023-02-28)
"Although it was very busy you never felt rushed. Really enjoyed the course. Was lucky to play all 27 holes and the West was the Best. Because of the tournament that starts in two weeks, you couldn't go onto the course with the carts and that was a bit frustrating. "
Anne M. (2023-02-22)
"This course is fantastic, I our opinion ranked jointly with Banyan as the best course in Hua Hin. Like the other courses and especially when it is top notch then it would be great if they improved the language skills of their caddies as it would enhance the experience."
Mike W. (2023-02-14)
"Wow. What a spectacular course. Perfect"
Erich O. (2023-02-10)
"Love the Course, but to crowded. "
Janice M. (2023-02-08)
"Pace of play good, excellent layout, would return. Wonderful well managed course"
Jean-philippe P. (2023-02-08)
"Everything excellent ! Super pro caddies ! "
Youngsan C. (2023-02-07)
"I couldn’t adjust fast green speed but I like it. "
Charles L. (2023-02-06)
"Liked the variety of challenging holes but thought many holes had too many elements. Elevation changes and slope/contouring of fairways added to the fun of trying to hit good tee shots. Thought the greens were a bit to speedy for multi-contoured character, particularly in strong wind."
Blair S. (2023-02-01)
"Perfect "
Carl B. (2023-01-28)
"Brilliant condition and amazing greens."
David A. (2023-01-28)
"Excellent golf club. A great place to play golf and relax."
Yves L. (2023-01-26)
"The great conditions. The quality of the caddies. It's not my preferred only because of the visibility of the (not so pretty) real estate around it."
Rodney A. (2023-01-24)
"Loved everything about this course."
Peter B. (2023-01-24)
"Nothing we didn’t like"
Inder G. (2023-01-21)
"Very nice course."
Jamien L. (2023-01-18)
"A magnificent golf course, one of the best in Thailand."
Mats T. (2023-01-11)
"Perfect condition. Too many players sometimes"
Rose M. (2023-01-09)
"Scenic and very beautiful, just felt a bit rushed by the caddies"
Mirko K. (2023-01-04)
"the professionalism of the caddies leaves a lot of room for improvement, both in the specific work and in the linguistic area they were more concerned with themselves than with their clients (we were a flight of 4) The course is OK, the bar service is OK."
Jonathan O. (2022-12-16)
"Like everything. We even added an extra 9 holes."
Bruno G. (2022-12-09)
"L'ensemble de la prestation est excellente."
Clive C. (2022-12-08)
"Excellent course and very good caddies."
Erland T. (2022-12-06)
"100% as always, what a beauty."
Malcolm J. (2022-11-30)
"Great course ,very wet but , can't help the heavy rain,love to play in the dry 5 star"
Richard K. (2022-11-13)
"Amazing course, certainly test your accuracy, this is a rick reward course, we all rated it excellent. Fantastic set out and amazing views."
Ron M. (2022-11-11)
"Played it many times"
Kurt M. (2022-11-10)
"We played this course very often in the last years. Wonderful course and overall one of the best courses in SEA."
Ashish S. (2022-10-22)
"I am sure we would love to play this course next time. "
John S. (2022-10-20)
"It was the best golf course i have ever played in my life, it was breathtaking "
Chris B. (2022-10-16)
"excellent course, even though it was wet, which was understandable with the amount of rain over the last month. the course still presented in beautiful condition"
Kevin &. (2022-10-02)
Laurie M. (2022-09-16)
"My favourite course in the world that I have played."
Roland S. (2022-08-24)
"Played it many times and it still is my all time favorite in Asia. Top Caddies"
John G. (2022-08-23)
"Picturesque, beautifully presented "
Kong Y. (2022-08-22)
"1st 9 hole (east or north) very nice, and remaining rather plain. "
Bruce M. (2022-08-18)
"The presentation of the course was spectacular and the caddies knowledgeable and helpful. My favourite."
Andrew M. (2022-08-02)
"I have played this course many many times and it always delights Only disappointment is not playing the revamped front nine which was being constructed last time I was there, still the new nine is excellent golf, so no real complaint"
Fredrik K. (2022-07-10)
"Good course "
JIM B. (2014-04-29)
"this course was awesome and my caddy "KET" was one of the best caddies I have ever had !"
Robert K. (2010-03-17)
"Absolutely immaculate and with the large number of tees a challenge to all levels of golfers. Without a doubt it has overtaken Springfield as No.1 in the area. A definite must play!"
Graham (2010-03-16)
"Fabulous course and kept in immaculate condition. Top marks to Harald and the team, watch those greens boys and girls they are QUICK!"
easyrider (2010-03-15)
"What a FANTASTIC course, top quality fairways, greens, very friendly and helpful staff, great food to a reasonable price. I've played courses in Europe, USA & Asia and this one is clearly my favorite. Only drawback is the road to the course but it is worth the ride - a must play if you are in Thailand"
Andy (2010-03-04)
"A WOW golf course. A difficult challenge but what isn't in life, even if you don't play well, it is worth it. A must do if you are in Thailand. The layout, the standards, the club house the F& B are all excellent. I am booking our next group trip now!"
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    • Chris recommended I change my hotel accommodations and allow Golfasian to arrange my Bangkok trip and golf tee times. I'm so glad I did because the hotel, the transportation, and the four golf courses they arranged were excellent. I was in the Soi 11 area, so everything was within walking distance. I had a great time for my first visit to Thailand, and I will certainly use Golfasian again for my golf trip to Pattaya next year.
      Tax_Master_DFW Avatar
    • Just had 17 of my members from Mt Derrimut Melb, Aust play and stay in Hua HIN through Golfasia.
      From pick up in Bangkok to being dropped off to head home, Ian Morgan and his staff could not have been more helpful. Courses were amazing.

      Stay Balanced
      Geoff Ross Aust PGA member..
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      Geoff Ross
    • Really impressive. Our 10th year on this trip and we never consider anyone else other than Golfasian. Everything just runs so well... the logistics are perfect from the initial contact to the final bus drop off. Wonderful people kind, hard working and helpful. Thank you and see you next year.
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    • Well , I guess for the limited golf courses , I played here in the Philippines , some OF them are comparable to the golf courses , I played in California , U.S.A . Included also , some in Nevada and Arizona .
      Frank Macandog Avatar
      Frank Macandog
    • We just spent 3days our annual golf event (23pax) in Chiangmai with Golfasian. was brilliant arrangement, all guys of Golfasian performed with professional manners and sincere hospitality. All schedule went on smoothly and all our participants were so happy.
      once again, thank you very much!!
      I highly recommend them to anyone who want to arrange golf event in Thai (or anywhere else in asia). we will be back to soon!!!
      Hajime Agata Avatar
      Hajime Agata
    • Another great trip to Vietnam (Hoi An) with Golfasian. Everything went smoothly and the golf courses were fantastic. Thank you Lisa & team!
      Hanna Heikkila Avatar
      Hanna Heikkila
    • My first golf vacation and have to say the Thai caddies were fantastic and everything was set up from hotel to ground transport so all I had to do was concentrate on getting some birdies. Thank you Golfasian great service from start to finish.
      Mike Bridge Avatar
      Mike Bridge
    • Decent service provider, but for the first time felt that they don’t care about client needs and try to sell the most expensive option by default
      Walter Hungerbuhler Avatar
      Walter Hungerbuhler
    • Good service and knowledge about courses👍🏌🏿‍♂️🙏
      Lasse Transeth Avatar
      Lasse Transeth
    • Fantastic company. Even as a golf professional, I was welcomed warmly and the trip was flawless!
      Mark Snooks Avatar
      Mark Snooks
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  • Day 1 : Arrival at Danang airport and transfer to hotel, transfer to hotel

    Day 2 : Golf at Legend Da Nang Golf Resort, Norman Course (excellent links golf in SE Asia) including cart (sharing) and caddie

    Day 3 : Golf at Ba Na Hills Golf Club (mountainous Luke Donald design) including cart (sharing) and caddie

    Day 4 : Excursion: Half Day Hoi An Walking Tour

    Day 5 : Golf at Hoiana Shores Golf Club (world-class Robert Trent Jones Jr. II course) including cart (sharing) and caddie

    Day 6 : Departure

    Package Including:

    — 3 rounds of golf in Danang
    — 5 nights’ accommodation in Danang
    — Daily breakfast
    — Excursions as indicated in the itinerary
    — One caddie per golfer at each golf course
    — Golf carts, as mentioned in the itinerary
    — All airport, land, and golf course transfers
    — Meet & Greet on arrival
    — All transfers by private VIP high-top touring van or sedan
    — Daily drinking water
    — 24/7 golf hotline staffed by knowledgeable service personnel
    — Local knowledge, expertise, suggestions, and support throughout the trip
    — All taxes and compulsory service charges

    Package Excluding:
    — Airfare, airport taxes, visa fees
    — Personal items, meals (other than those mentioned), gratuities

    Net Tour Operator Pricing (based on a minimum of 4 golfers traveling together):

    Package A:
    Accommodation in Danang at the 5* Pullman Danang Beach Resort / Superior Room

    — Price per golfer, twin sharing = USD 1,155

    — Price per golfer, single room = USD 1,645

    Package B:
    Accommodation in Danang at the 4.5* Novotel Danang Premier Han River / Superior Room

    — Price per golfer, twin sharing = USD 970

    — Price per golfer, single room = USD 1,275

    Package C:
    Accommodation in Danang at the 4.5* Risemount Premier Resort Danang / Deluxe Room

    — Price per golfer, twin sharing = USD 840

    — Price per golfer, single room = USD 1,020

    Package D:
    Accommodation in Danang at the 4* Chicland Hotel / Superior Room with Balcony

    — Price per golfer, twin sharing = USD 865

    — Price per golfer, single room = USD 1,070


    — Offer subject to hotel and golf course availability
    — Pricing valid for bookings confirmed by 
    — Terms: 25% deposit due at time of booking confirmation with balance due one month before arrival
    — Payment by bank transfer (Credit cards extra 3.5% fees)

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