Luang Prabang Golf Club

18 holes par 72 (7443 yards)

Luang Prabang Golf Club Information

Designer:  Tea Hwa
Holes / Par / Yardage:  18 holes par 72 (7443 yards)
Established:  2010

Southbank, Mekong River, Luang Prabang, Laos PDR


Approximately 4 kilometres south of the city.

Closed on:  Open everyday
Max. golfers per group:  Weekday: 4
Weekend: 4
Golf Cart:  13 , 26 (shared)
Golf Set:  USD 19
Golf Shoes:  USD 6
Umbrella:  USD 5
Driving Range:  None
Facilities:  Restaurants, Swimming Pool
Luang Prabang Golf Club Description:

The Luang Prabang Golf Club lies roughly 6km to the West of the town center and is situated along Mekong River on the South Bank. It is surrounded by tropical mountains which are forested.

Holes 14 up to 17 lie parallel with the riverbank. The par three 17th plays right, along the edge of this river, while Par four, hole 18 plays uphill, 35’ over 375 yards right from tips to the medium-sized green sloping 7’ right to left, going across a putting surface of 75 feet. In general, the greens tend to be in-between medium and small in size. The elevation changes throughout the whole layout are mild, except for the 18th hole. It is not difficult to walk upon it, as it consists of terrain contours whose slope is gentle to undulating. This track is relatively new and features fairway landing areas which are 35 to 40 yards in width. They are bordered by moderately rough area, which depends on how cutting is done. There are sand traps which are present in order to protect most greens and fairway bunkers have been used liberally, which affects placement of the tee shots upon all holes, apart from 14 and par three holes.

Right from inception through construction and operation, the project has maintained an eco-friendly policy in every possible aspect. Luang Prabang, just like most other classic venues, takes visitors and players on a memorable journey. No parallel fairways exist and one truly enjoys a sense of expedition while playing out on the front nine, a bit distant from the River. One plays in getting closer gradually at par three, 17th hole before turning up the 18th fairway heading onto the clubhouse. It is picturesque at par 72 and lying 7,443 yards right from tips posing a liberating challenge which should be quite an adventurous experience. You then may unwind calmly within the congenial atmosphere of the clubhouse.

Luang Prabang Golf Club Photos:
Luang Prabang Golf Club - Layout
 Luang Prabang Golf Club - Fairway
Luang Prabang Golf Club - Green
Luang Prabang Golf Club - Clubhouse

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