Tim MacAndrews

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Dear Thong,

Very happy to give you group feedback as follows:


  1. St Andrews. 8/10. Good course, well worth playing.
  2. Siam. 4/10. It may well be in great condition .
  3. Imperial Lakes. 6/10. Ok but nothing exceptional.
  4. Springfield.9/10. Best course of the lot. Just what we wanted.


  1. Hard Rock. Well located. Good rooms and facilities. 7/10.
  2. Sofitel. Outstanding. 9/10.

Elephant tour was good and worked out for us in the end.

Everyone else, including all the drivers, were pretty well punctual and courteous and I have nothing bad to say about any of them.

I hope that you find all of this useful.

Thank you for your help in putting this all together. It was a most successful trip from our perspective and I would be most happy to recommend your company.

Best wishes,

Tim MacAndrews
UK, March

Tim MacAndrews