Marty Kluner

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I have been very busy this past week since my return home, and haven’t had a chance to respond earlier.

Overall, we were very pleased with the trip and arrangements.  The golf courses we played were of very good quality and we enjoyed playing all of them.  Red Mountain in particular was quite spectacular.

There are a few suggestions that I would make in order to improve your services:

  • the Bangkok Marriott and the Wora Bora were both excellent facilities. I’d highly recommend either of these to anyone traveling to Thailand.
  • we were not overly pleased with the Felix River Inn.  I understand it may be the best facility in Kanchanaburi, but it was not up to the quality that we expected.  I know it was a 4 star (vs the others being 5 star hotels).
  • The Allamanda Laguna hotel was an ok facility.
  • Our driver (Montri) for Bangkok / Kanchanaburi / Hua Hin was a joy to be around.  We were extremely pleased with everything he did for us.
  • The driver in Phuket (not sure of his name – Pla?) was a good driver.

Thanks for the help of you and your staff. We greatly enjoyed our trip.

Marty Kluner
Canada March

Marty Kluner