uY$X@zE9!8l2 Testimonials

Hi Jim,

Yes, you can use me as a reference.  

I did enjoy my trip and have to say Golfasian  did a great job.  I would say it was your staff that really made the difference as they were all very professional.  Excellent phone skills and drivers.

Now…what would I change?

Nothing on the part of my trip in Bangkok…good hotel, excellent driver, perfect golf courses (Alpine and Thai CC = hard to go wrong there).

Pattaya however…was a little disappointing.  I will not use this same hotel again.  You mentioned on the phone that they are all a little less in Pattaya as compared to Bangkok .  

I was happy that every course was very accommodating in partnering me with other golfers.  I played with some Britts (twice), Finns, Swedes, a Japanese gentlemen and three very nice Thai ladies (turned out to be good golfers).  My being a lone golfer wasn’t a problem anywhere.  I simply asked the starter to send me out with someone.

I enjoyed our round and will definitely do this again.

Well done,

USA, November