Garry G.

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Dear Paul,

Got back last night. This is a note to thank you for your efforts. We had a great time. Ball was going down the middle – mostly.

All drivers and tour guides showed up on time!!!

All the golf courses were expecting me and all bookings were fulfilled.

Garry G.At Mt. Kinabalu Golf Club, the tour guide was fascinated about it so she also tagged along. Attached is our happy snap on the course.  Had the whole course to myself.

Magellan Sutera course was great. I became a regular there, and the staff including the starter got to know my name. I played there an extra 3 or 4 times usually in the late afternoon and it was great.

All told, had a great time.

Please pass on our thanks to Felicia and give our regards to Jim Mullet.

Kind Regards,

Garry G.
Australia, January

Garry G.