Bagan Golf Resort

Bagan Golf Resort

18 holes par 72 (7417 yards)

Bagan Golf Resort Information

Holes / Par / Yardage:  18 holes par 72 (7417 yards)
Established:  1998

Located near Bagan old city


10 minutes from Bagan old city

Closed on:  Open everyday
Max. golfers per group:  Weekday: 5
Weekend: 5
Golf Cart:  Walking Only
Golf Set:  USD 34
Golf Shoes:  USD 10
Umbrella:  USD 5
Driving Range:  None
Facilities:  Accommodation
Bagan Golf Resort Description:

Note: We do not advise to play this course at the moment as the condition is very poor due to neglect of maintenance. We will update once the condition improves.

Bagan Golf Resort sits adjacent to Bagan Golf Resort hotel behind the historical area which is about ten minutes drive from the old Bagan. This golf resort is set up in one of the world’s most famous temples, stupas, and pagodas, which date back to 11th century.

Playing golf in such settings is no doubt pure magic, facing the landscape of ancient wrecks is unforgettable and gives one a serene experience. Playing in the morning hours is nice because there is no rain unlike the Southern Myanmar parts where you can enjoy golfing all year round. The golf is not challenging in this golf resort because of lack of hazards and flatness of the land,  but overall, it is fun and perfect for selfies.

Playing golf at Bagan Golf Resort is enjoyable. Be sure to take ample time to relax and experience the great environment and ancient setting.  

Bagan Golf Resort Photos:
Bagan Golf Resort - Layout
  Bagan Golf Resort - Fairway
Bagan Golf Resort - Green
Bagan Golf Resort - Clubhouse

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