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How To Achieve the Proper Alignment in Golf

So you have arrived in Thailand and had your first game of golf here and it looks like to you forgot to pack your game!  It seems like anything you try just seems to make things worse.

One area of the game that is so simple yet so confusing and overlooked for the average golfer, is the alignment and is generally the root of all evils in the golf swing. What I mean by this?  Are you coming over the top because you aimed right, or are you aimed right because you are coming over the top?

To achieve the proper alignment in golf,  is to simply take a minute or two before you ever hit balls and follow these simple rules.

  1. Lay a club down first right behind the ball and point it at your target.
  2. Lay a second club down parallel to the ball target line along where your feet will be.
  3. Pick up the ball target line club and you are ready to setup.
  4. Setup with your feet, knees, hips, and shoulders, parallel to the club on the ground.
  5. Once you have the proper alignment you may feel as though you are not aimed correctly. This is a perfect tell tale sign that your alignment and swing are off.

The simplest fix in the golf swing is without a doubt alignment. This is one area of the swing that is often overlooked and can create a whole network of problems in your swing. Too often I see people hit the ball 10, 20, 30, yards off line in their mind, but it is exactly where they are aiming.

Imagine what your mind is telling your body when you hit the ball that far off line supposedly. You will create a flaw in your swing if you do not have the proper alignment. You may also fix a major flaw in your swing once you achieve proper alignment. Lay a club on the ground and take the first step to improving your game and enjoying you golf in Thailand.

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