Bangkok Golf Course Online Tee-Off Reservation

List of the best Bangkok golf courses with online booking
The following prices are in Thai Baht per golfer and are based on today's rate. The prices include green fee, caddie fee and transfer hotel-golf course/golf course-hotel.

* These rates are subject to change and may not be applicable during public holidays, special events or other unforseen circumstances such as maintenance periods or low season promotions. *

Golf Course Name1 Golfer2 Golfers3 Golfers4 GolfersMake a Reservation
 Alpine Golf and Sports Clubmin. 2 golfersmin. 2 golfersTHB 7,280incl. cartTHB 9,940incl. cartTHB 6,720incl. cartTHB 9,380incl. cartTHB 6,210incl. cartTHB 8,775incl. cart
 Ayutthaya Golf ClubTHB 5,075THB 6,380THB 3,220THB 4,480THB 2,660THB 3,920THB 2,295THB 3,510
 Bangkok Golf ClubTHB 5,728THB 6,598THB 3,850THB 4,690THB 3,290THB 4,130THB 2,903THB 3,713
 Bangpakong Riverside Country ClubTHB 5,293THB 7,323THB 3,430THB 5,390THB 2,870THB 4,830THB 2,498THB 4,388
 Bangpoo Golf & Sports ClubTHB 5,728THB 6,743THB 3,850THB 4,830THB 3,290THB 4,270THB 2,903THB 3,848
 Bangsai Country ClubTHB 5,119THB 6,859THB 3,262THB 4,942THB 2,702THB 4,382THB 2,336THB 3,956
 Best Ocean Golf ClubTHB 4,930THB 5,655THB 3,080THB 3,780THB 2,520THB 3,220THB 2,160THB 2,835
 Cascata Golf ClubTHB 6,308incl. cartTHB 7,468incl. cartTHB 4,410incl. cartTHB 5,530incl. cartTHB 3,850incl. cartTHB 4,970incl. cartTHB 3,443incl. cartTHB 4,523incl. cart
 Chuan Chuen Golf ClubTHB 5,162THB 6,453THB 3,304THB 4,550THB 2,744THB 3,990THB 2,376THB 3,578
 Green Valley Country ClubTHB 6,598THB 7,903THB 4,690THB 5,950THB 4,130THB 5,390THB 3,713THB 4,928
 Kiarti Thanee Country ClubTHB 6,163THB 7,468THB 4,270THB 5,530THB 3,710THB 4,970THB 3,308THB 4,523
 Krung Kavee Golf Course & Country Club EstateTHB 6,960incl. cartTHB 7,903incl. cartTHB 5,040incl. cartTHB 5,950incl. cartTHB 4,480incl. cartTHB 5,390incl. cartTHB 4,050incl. cartTHB 4,928incl. cart
 Lakewood Country ClubTHB 7,424THB 8,657THB 5,488THB 6,678THB 4,928THB 6,118THB 4,482THB 5,630
 Lam Luk Ka Country ClubTHB 5,945THB 7,395THB 4,060THB 5,460THB 3,500THB 4,900THB 3,105THB 4,455
 Lotus Valley Golf ResortTHB 5,655incl. cartTHB 6,960incl. cartTHB 3,780incl. cartTHB 5,040incl. cartTHB 3,220incl. cartTHB 4,480incl. cartTHB 2,835incl. cartTHB 4,050incl. cart
 Muang Kaew Golf ClubTHB 6,453THB 7,468THB 4,550THB 5,530THB 3,990THB 4,970THB 3,578THB 4,523
 Northern Rangsit Golf ClubTHB 4,930THB 6,090THB 3,080THB 4,200THB 2,520THB 3,640THB 2,160THB 3,240
 Pinehurst Golf & Country ClubTHB 5,800THB 6,460THB 3,920THB 4,557THB 3,360THB 3,997THB 2,970THB 3,585
 Rachakram Golf Club & ResortTHB 5,293THB 6,598THB 3,430THB 4,690THB 2,870THB 4,130THB 2,498THB 3,713
 Riverdale Golf ClubTHB 8,845incl. cartTHB 9,425incl. cartTHB 6,860incl. cartTHB 7,420incl. cartTHB 6,300incl. cartTHB 6,860incl. cartTHB 5,805incl. cartTHB 6,345incl. cart
 Royal Bang Pa-In Golf ClubTHB 8,120incl. cartTHB 10,005incl. cartTHB 6,160incl. cartTHB 7,980incl. cartTHB 5,600incl. cartTHB 7,420incl. cartTHB 5,130incl. cartTHB 6,885incl. cart
 Royal Golf & Country ClubTHB 6,453THB 7,903THB 4,550THB 5,950THB 3,990THB 5,390THB 3,578THB 4,928
 Royal Lakeside Golf ClubTHB 5,438THB 6,888THB 3,570THB 4,970THB 3,010THB 4,410THB 2,633THB 3,983
 Summit Windmill Golf ClubTHB 7,540THB 8,700THB 5,600THB 6,720THB 5,040THB 6,160THB 4,590THB 5,670
 Suwan Golf & Country ClubTHB 5,728THB 7,468THB 3,850THB 5,530THB 3,290THB 4,970THB 2,903THB 4,523
 The Royal Gems Golf and Sports ClubTHB 7,975incl. cartTHB 10,078incl. cartTHB 6,020incl. cartTHB 8,050incl. cartTHB 5,460incl. cartTHB 7,490incl. cartTHB 4,995incl. cartTHB 6,953incl. cart
 The Royal Gems Golf City - Dream ArenaTHB 9,280incl. cartN/ATHB 7,280incl. cartN/ATHB 6,720incl. cartN/ATHB 6,210incl. cartN/A
 Unico Grande Golf CourseTHB 4,858THB 5,293THB 3,010THB 3,430THB 2,450THB 2,870THB 2,093THB 2,498
 Uniland Golf and Country ClubTHB 5,075THB 5,945THB 3,220THB 4,060THB 2,660THB 3,500THB 2,295THB 3,105