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Our golf school vacation packages can dramatically improve your game and score, but you must also remember to consider the green. Once you’ve mastered control of your putter and the perfect stroke, you must be able "to read the green". First you have to know the type of grass, meaning you need to kneel down and figure out which way it grows, then you have to judge the distance and how the ball will break. Then the speed! All of which can be learned at our excellent golf school vacation packages. Another tip to remember on your travel golf package is to look for water or mountains, it is said that all grass grows towards water or the mountain. Learning about the green and the grass itself improves your knowledge and power on our golf package Thailand we aim to provide only the best.

Golfasian can customize your Thailand golf holiday, tailoring it to a Golf school vacation package if required, we are happy to accommodate every budget. Golf school vacation packages are available but not mandatory, we want you to enjoy your golf travel package however you see fit! Throughout all our discount golf packages our staff are always on hand for enquiries, information or golfing tips. Thai golfers are generally relaxed and play the sport for fun and relaxation rather than competition, although some of the featured courses can bring out the competitive streak in every golfer!

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