Southeast Asia Corona Virus Update for Golfers

16 March 2020

It’s been an unfathomable week, as the coronavirus pandemic upended life all over the world. While it’s incredibly important to stay informed, it’s also all too easy to get sucked into the media frenzy and feel overwhelmed or unsure about what to do.

The daily situation update on the World Health Organization’s (WHO) page gives statistics. Each country also maintains a web site with specific destination travel information. WHO continues to advise against the application of travel or trade restrictions to countries experiencing outbreaks. Past evidence shows that restrictions interrupt needed aid, disrupt businesses, and have adverse social and economic effects on the affected countries. However, many nations have imposed travel restrictions, so please check for the latest updates.

Golfasian currently advises everyone who planned golf trips to Vietnam through the end of April to postpone their trips immediately. At this moment, Golfasian cannot provide proper golf, travel, and expected services in Vietnam. Please contact your reservation or salesperson to make the necessary amendments.

Last week, Tourism Authority of Thailand, together with Golfasian, issued a press release reiterating our message that Thailand is a safe destination to visit as officials continue to take steps to safeguard against the spread of the virus. Many golf courses and hotels are stepping up their safety measures, including temperature screening and health declarations upon check-in.  All Thai facilities are open as usual, but with noticeable drop-in visitors. In the past days, the government has stopped visa-on-arrivals from some countries. More information is here.

Golfasian is taking all possible precautions to ensure our golfers are safe. We have many clients on-the-ground and more arriving over the next few weeks, including participants in the Pattaya Open and Hua Hin Skins golf tournaments.

I value your support and Golfasian will be here for you when things get back to normal. Keep listening to the advice of local and federal officials, do what you think is right for yourselves and your families, and don’t stop dreaming about your next trip. It may not happen exactly when you first thought it would, but it will happen.

All of us at Golfasian thank you for joining us online and on social media, sharing your own travel experiences and asking questions.

Let’s all stay positive.

Best Regards,
Mark Siegel
Managing Director
Golfasian Co. Ltd.