Southeast Asia Corona Virus Update for Golfers

Golf Situation in Thailand – May 2020

Southeast Asia Corona Virus Update for GolfersDue to Covid-19 still causing havoc around the globe, all entertainment venues, restaurants and golf courses, among other public places, were forced closed by government order. While this is not ideal for golfers, there is a silver lining in the closure in that many golf courses used this opportunity to do some maintenance such as coring, top sanding, verticuts, rebunkering and minor layout changes. Courses have also taken the chance to improve the club houses by fixing broken items, repainting where required and adding items to enhance golfer comfort. All this will mean golfers will be coming back to immaculate courses, ensuring the best possible experience.

With golf being an open-air sport, it is obviously well ventilated. The germs that will accumulate in the area are therefore less than other locations. However, many golf courses have put in good measures to deal with the outbreak of Covid 19.

For example at the Vintage Club Golf, they provide the spacing measures and a Social Distancing campaign to reduce the density of golfers each day. Two of the main features will be moving the tee time interval from 7 minutes to 14 minutes. The course is also considering having caddies lining fairways, standing-by on the greens instead of riding along on the golf cart to help with proper Social Distancing.

Other courses will have golfers driving the golf cart with caddies on the back, and golfers having to take their own clubs from their bag. Caddies will still provide yardages, replace divots and read lines. The golf cart will be cleaned every time before and after the round with disinfectant.

Caddies will also be subject to strict measures such as temperature tests upon arrival at the course, and will be required to go directly home after work to limit their exposure to others. With these various measures that have been cited as examples makes us absolutely confident that it will be a safe playing environment for all golfers to enjoy.

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Golf Situation in Vietnam – May 2020

Southeast Asia Corona Virus Update for GolfersGreat news for golf lovers as most of the golf courses in Vietnam have been re-opened from the end of April. After 3 weeks applying national social distancing requirements, now all golfers can book tee times and play golf at almost all the golf courses. Although the national social distancing requirement has been eased, physical distancing is still required and inbound international arrivals are still not happening. Therefore, all the players need to do is frequent hand washing and wear face mask as well as fill out the health declaration form upon arriving at the courses. There are some courses have still temporally closed their lockers. All the courses just serve take away food or A La Carte  at their restaurants. Golfers are also recommended not to arrive at the courses too early to avoid mass gatherings. The interval times at some courses have been changed to 10 minutes instead of 7 or 8 minutes as previous.

Each golf course is also proactive and have implemented effective actions to prevent covid-19 so that golfers can have a safe space to play such as organizing training courses on prevention methods for all staff and checking daily health status for the all staff. They also have to wear masks when serving golfers. Besides, they have to pay attention to caring and instructing the golfers to wash their hands with hand sanitizers when checking in and after playing, as well as wearing masks properly during the round.

Golfasian looks forward to welcoming all golfers back to Vietnam, and enjoying the fantastic quality golf Vietnam has to offer.