Six ways Golfasian can save you money on your next golf vacation

Six ways Golfasian can save you money on your next golf vacation

Keep in mind these six key tips to potentially tap into hundreds of dollars of savings on your next golf vacation.

A golf vacation in Asia can provide the most memorable experiences of a lifetime. You’ll have the opportunity to play some of the world’s most spectacular courses, while it is also a great way to meet new friends and delve into the diverse cultures across the region.

However, it can’t be stressed enough that it is best to be prepared and ensure everything runs smoothly from the moment you step off your flight.

A pure play golf tour operator will be well positioned to cater to all your specific needs – including accommodation, course bookings and all the associated logistics – meaning you’ll be able to get on with making the most of your vacation.

Green fees

With over two decades of experience, Golfasian has the buying power to negotiate some of the best deals at top courses.Six ways Golfasian can save you money on your next golf vacation

Many Golfasian staff are also keen golfers, and can provide local insight into the best courses and information on schedules, including whether maintenance or local tournaments will impact tee times.

Drawing on this local knowledge, Golfasian can save you money by getting your preferred tee time at a fair rate.

Late arrivals

If you miss your tee time due to a late-arriving taxi, clubs will typically charge you to book another tee time.

Golfasian clients are driven to the course in the company’s luxury high-rooftop vans, and, if required, our staff can usually avoid financial penalties and arrange a later tee time.

Keep in mind that clubs and tour operators like to work in conjunction with each other, ensuring business keeps flowing all year round.


You might be able to snare an online deal with a booking service, but there’s no guarantee of a quick fix should any Six ways Golfasian can save you money on your next golf vacationissues come up after you arrive.

When booking through Golfasian, we’ll be on hand to help if required, drawing on our established relationships with accommodation providers.

In addition to this, with our buying power, we have the capabilities to secure some superb rates, and, better still, hotels will do their best to upgrade clients.


Local transport

Costs can quickly add up when sorting out a taxi from the airport to your hotel. You may well face extra charges for Six ways Golfasian can save you money on your next golf vacationyour golf bags, and that’s if they’ll even fit, along with all your other baggage.

By the time you eventually do get to your hotel, the price may well have ballooned well above your initial expectations.

Ultimately, it will be far more convenient to be met at arrivals by a Golfasian representative, who will drive you to your hotel. Golfasian will also do their best to provide the same driver during your visit, who will be able to provide local guidance and tips.

Private courses

Getting a round at many of the members-only clubs dotted around Asia will be a tall order without the right connections. In fact, you’d need pretty deep pockets to be able to tee off at some courses.

While these clubs typically won’t advertise their rates (protecting member exclusivity), they will discretely allow a few prearranged groups to play, including Golfasian clients.

Often the rates Golfasian secures are in line with local rates, meaning it won’t make a huge dent in your bank balance, while you’ll be treated to all the trappings of an unforgettable experience.

Unseen benefits

There’s a range of attractions to golfing in Asia, from the wonderful smiling caddies to the culinary delights on offer after your round.Six ways Golfasian can save you money on your next golf vacation

Drawing on our inside knowledge, Golfasian can pre-book some of the more experienced caddies, who (while they may not save you any money) will be able to save you on the number of putts you make.

We can also take the guesswork out of finding a good restaurant, with our staff helping to choose interesting restaurants serving local dishes. Owners know that if they look after guests, Golfasian will return again and again, resulting in fair bills at the end of the meal.

Further information on Golfasian’s unique holiday packages and services can be found here.