Featured Golf Destination – Pattaya

While Pattaya has been on the radar for over 50 years as an R & R area for the Armed Services during the Second world war and the Vietnam war, it is now getting great reviews from the golfers for the championship courses that are available in this area.

Over the last 5 years there have been 5 new courses built and with over 40 other courses within an hour’s drive of downtown Pattaya, it’s simply a golfers heaven.

Where else in the world ticks all these boxes

  • Value for money
    Only Thailand has the best value for money for hotels golf course and food compared to any where in the world. You can play golf, have a hotel room and eat for all under $USD 100 per day.
  • Great weather all year round
    It doesn’t matter what time of year you travel to Pattaya, the weather is great. In the rainy season if it rains its only for a short time, rarely does it rain for more than 20- 30 minutes and when the clouds clear the sun comes out and the courses drain superbly and play can resume.
  • Championship golf courses
    Depending on your skill level, you can play the same courses that the professionals play on the Asian and US PGA tours through to the public courses in the area. These courses are available for all levels of golfers and you don’t need to be a member of a golf club to play these top courses. Just usual golf attire will see you playing.
  • Great beaches
    Being on the Gulf of Thailand there are islands within 20 minutes by boat that have great beaches and ideal conditions for scuba , snorkeling and fishing.
  • Restaurants
    Because Pattaya attracts people from all over the world there will be a restaurant that will suit you. Seafood is probably the most popular request and there are many seafood restaurants on Walking Street that have the full range of seafood.
  • Nightlife & Entertainment
    From discos and nightclubs to the small outdoor beer bars, there is somewhere for you to relax and wind down after your game of golf.
  • Close to the international airport
    The new international airport is only 80 minutes from Pattaya and is serviced by a main freeway, making Pattaya an easy destination to get to.
  • Geared for the traveler
    Most of the restaurants have staff that have a basic understanding of English and most of the signs, menus etc are all in English. Other languages such as Japanese, Chinese, Russian,Korean and Italian have menus in their language as well.

If you are considering playing golf in another country then Pattaya, Thailand should be your first stop