Golf in Bangkok

Bangkok Golf

Bangkok is a large city with over 10 million people. The traffic can be very heavy, the streets aren’t the cleanest and there’s no denying it’s a hectic place. Why then go there for a holiday vacation?
Different people like Bangkok for different reasons, and that is the real primary draw – the city offers something for everyone. More accurately it offers a LOT for everyone, no matter what their taste.
Bangkok’s modern Suvarnabhumi Airport is one of the Southeast Asia’s primary hubs, with convenient flight connections to/from just about anywhere on the globe. Even if your primary destination is elsewhere in the region there is a high likelihood you will at least connect through Bangkok, which is a perfect excuse to stay a few days (or longer).
For golfers there over 35 quality international standard courses, including several that have hosted PGA tournaments with winners including the likes of Tiger Woods and Vijay Singh. And while all are private member clubs, all but a few allow access to outside visitors. Weekday play is suggested though, as local members have priority on weekends and holidays when the courses are very busy and more expensive.
For shoppers the options are endless, from street markets selling things you’ve probably never seen to high end shopping malls with the latest designer goods. MBK Mall is popular for something different and a bit ‘funky’, pulling in the young and ‘young at heart’ by the thousands. While it’s impossible to describe the mall in brief, suffice it to say we’ve counted more than 200 stores on the 4th floor that sell nothing but mobile phones – and somehow they all stay busy.
Accommodation options run from cheap hostels to some of the world’s best 5 star properties. Whatever your star and budget preference, you’re sure to find something that suits well. Within the industry its well known that Thai hospitality sets the standard for the rest of the world.
And then of course there is Bangkok’s legendary dining and nightlife. Countless books and articles have been written on both and we won’t go into details, but again whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find and lots of it.
Culture vultures will also stay happy both days and nights, with sacred temples, floating markets, world class stage productions and more.
Bangkok city life is so busy and crazy at times, yet surprise and delight await around every corner. Boredom is simply not an option. Indeed the biggest problem for most Bangkok visitors is finding a way to fit in all they want to see and do, within the time they have available before they unfortunately must leave. Which of course provides a great excuse to come back again!