Thailand Golf Instruction Online Solid Iron PlayOne of the most common complaints I hear from students is lack of distance or poor connections with their iron shots.

Most students would like to see their balls go farther, and have a more solid consistent hit.

However, if you do not have an upper-body coil you may be just swinging with your arms, which sends the ball little distance, and often with a poor strike. This is because there is no power generated from a good turn. Some simple steps will help you make a better turn, and you will see the results almost immediately.

Step 1: Assume your set-up position-feet shoulder width for a nine iron. Rest a club horizontally against the upper part of your chest-parallel with your shoulders. Your spine should be tilted in your set-up position. Keeping your position, rotate your shoulders ninety degrees away from your target.

Step 2: As you turn, your weight will move to your right leg. You should feel some pulling in your left hip as you do this. Your weight should remain on the inside of your right leg. Otherwise you will begin to sway instead of turn. At this point, your left shoulder should be pointing in the direction of the ball. Now, begin to move toward the target leading with your hips and legs. Your shoulders will follow in the same direction.

Step 3: Always finish with your weight on your left leg and your hips facing the target. You must use your upper and lower torso to generate speed and power!

Another great power source is using the angles you create between your body and your golf club-otherwise known as leverage. You must make a good extension as you turn by "pushing" the club back with your left side. Many people make the mistake of picking the club up with their right side-then there is no extension. By making a good extension, you will be able to generate power as you swing through the ball and see greater distance with each club. Follow these easy steps for better leverage:

Step 1: Assume your set-up position. Begin by "pushing" the club back with your left side. Make a quarter swing with your arms fully extended. The shaft should be parallel to the ground and the toe of the club head pointing straight up to the sky.

Step 2: Continue your backswing by extending your left arm as you hinge your wrists. Do Not lock your left elbow! You will not be able to swing through the ball. Your right arm will fold naturally so that the elbow points to the ground.

Step 3: Now that you are "wound" up, pull down as if you are pulling a chain from the sky. Release at the ball, keep swinging your arms out to the target, and finish with arms over your left shoulder and hips facing the target.

Practice the turn and using leverage separately and then put them together. Remember you do not need to hit balls to practice these moves. Practicing in front of a mirror will help and creating the same motion repeatedly will prove to be very helpful when you actually do play.
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