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Golf package vacations don’t get more exotic than Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, located in the northern region of Thailand. Chiang Mai is one of the oldest cities in the country, and 1996 marked its 700th anniversary. A one-hour flight from Bangkok makes it easily accessible, and it will provide a completely different experience to Bangkok.
The city is often referred to as the "Rose of the North" because of its amazing flowers and tropical jungle, and its mountainous terrain encompasses the entire region. This backdrop provides you with some unique scenery to enjoy during your Thailand golf vacation.
Chiang Mai golf offers excellent golfing holidays of international standards, where traditions and way of life remain unchanged for centuries. At Golfasian we can arrange a customized Thailand golf package, with plenty of activities and attractions to enhance every Chiang Mai golf experience.
Visitors today will find themselves in a world that is unchanged for centuries, and where traditions and way of life remain the same. There are six main hill-tribes here that continue to work the land and have maintained their beautiful customs and crafts. These native tribes each have their own language, religion, culture and dress, and particular way of living off the land. Over the years they have migrated down from Laos, Burma, and China to find more fertile earth and easier ways of life. Today their arts and handicrafts of silver, teak and silk are valued pieces for visitors and locals alike to buy and treasure.
The city of Chiang Mai has evolved considerably over recent years and it has an abundance of museums and art galleries, café’s and bars. There are over 300 Buddhist temples in the city, with some of the finest and oldest Temples in the Kingdom
Hotels and restaurants cater to all tastes and feature local specialties and international cuisine. This is also the best place in Thailand to go trekking, explore the jungle by elephant, or glide down its tranquil rivers on a bamboo raft. This cool northern climate and its caring, friendly people will stay in your memory for a lifetime.

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