Buy Now, Travel Later – Golf Holiday Vouchers

Buy Now, Travel Later - Golf Holiday Vouchers

While most international borders are currently closed for leisure travellers, Golfasian wants to give it’s customers the opportunity to pre-purchase travel vouchers at a specified value. We will top up these vouchers with a 20% additional value. 

How it works

Buy Now, Travel Later - Golf Holiday Vouchers

Pre-Purchase Your Travel Voucher


How long are these vouchers valid for?
The vouchers are valid 24 months (2 years) from the date of purchase. You can start using these vouchers 60 days after the date of purchase at the earliest.

Can I extend the validity of my voucher?
Vouchers can be extended two times. Simply send us an email and we’ll handle this for you.

What happens once I have requested a voucher?
We will send you the payment instructions (either the credit card payment link or bank transfer / TransferWise details).

What happens once I have made payment
Once you have made payment, we will send you the voucher including the new value (20% increase) as a PDF to your email.

How far in advance do I need to book to be able to use my voucher?
You can book your next golf holiday any time by sending an email to or by working with your regular Golfasian sales person. The earlier you book, the better.

Can I apply this voucher to an existing booking?
No, the vouchers are only applicable to new bookings.

Can I use this voucher for a group booking or a tournament?
No, the vouchers are only applicable to individual golf trips or for a couple travelling together (less than 6 persons).

I’ve lost my voucher, can I have a replacement?
A replacement voucher can be emailed through to you upon request. There is no charge for this.

Can I buy this voucher as a gift for someone else?
Certainly! Simply mention this in the comment box when filling out the form.

Can I have a refund?
You can refund/cancel your voucher within 180 days of purchase. There will be a USD 30 fee for this.