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Monday, 2017-05-01

Thailand Golf Tournaments

Charity Golf Tournaments

Charity Golf Tournaments

Charity Golf Tournaments are now recognized as an undisputed way of promoting your company or your brand, raising money for charity, benefiting the community and at the same time giving your contributors something in return.

A charity golf tournament requires 50 teams of 4 golfers normally representing a company or a society, each team pays a tournament entry fee and these fees finance the tournament with the balance being donated to the charity

Your company would simply provide a list of your suppliers, associated companies and likely supporters of the charity tournament.

The tournament would adopt your companies name along with the associated charity, the Golfasian team of tournament organizers would pull together the tournament by enlisting the support of your suppliers and associates.

Their main contribution would be in providing a team or in some cases two teams, in addition some may wish to sponsor a hole and an appropriate banner would be erected on the relevant tee-box.