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Monday, 2017-04-24

What Is Posture And How Important Is It?

Female Golfer Posture

Posture is how you set up to the ball, very important and one of the main fundamentals of golf. Everything is built on this foundation and if you have a problem here, it'll show up later in your swing, possibly disguised as something else. 

  • Stance:
    Feet should be shoulder width, both feet slightly flared, toes pointing out about five to ten degrees.
  • Knee flex:
    Minimal knee flex. If you lock your legs and then unlock and slightly bend them, that’s all the flex you need.
  • Bending from the hips:
    It's important to bend over from the hip sockets, don't slouch from the shoulders.
  • Back:
    Your back remains straight, then bend with that straight back from your hips. Proper posture allows you to make the golf swing and protect your back.
  • Hands and Arms:
    Your hands and arms should hang directly below the shoulders. To check the location of your hands and arms, set up to the ball as described above. Then let your left arm hang loose. See where the hand is, that’s where you should be holding the club.

Posture is a requirement to being able to make a good swing and nothing good can come from poor posture.

Remember your posture when you're setting up; in particular, keep your back straight and bend from the hips. You don't even have to go the course, you can check it in the mirror at home !

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