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Monday, 2017-05-01

Swing Tip: Alignment

Alignment Golf Swing

Alignment is how you line up to your target. It's important in achieving your goals, because a great swing and poor alignment does not make a happy golfer. In putting, it's particularly important, and the better you get, the more crucial it becomes.

There are a lot of ways you can properly align yourself to your target. When you look at the target and away from the ball, you lose all your orientation. So use an intermediate target. Something between the ball and your target. Make sure you can see it when you're looking at the ball. It'll usually be a discolored blade of grass, a twig, a clover, anything that stands out. You may have seen the great Jack Nicklaus do this and it certainly worked for him.

In practice, put a club on the ground pointing towards your target and make sure on every shot that your feet and shoulders are parallel to the club.

Picture your target in your mind's eye. Positive thinking and taking your time to align yourself will improve your game.

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