Praew – Marketing Executive and Graphic Designer

Praew – Business Development Executive

A young lady professional golfer who has over 20 years of experience in the golf world and has traveled over 18 countries to compete in golf tournaments. Praew started golf when she was 8 years old. She competed in all levels of golf from junior golf to collegiate golf and professional golf. She was forced to retire early from her career as a touring professional golfer because of the prolonged injuries in her left wrist and left shoulder.

Then Praew turned to her second career option as a business development and graphic designer since she graduated from Florida Atlantic University with Bachelor of Art degree with the concentration in Graphic Design. She came on board with the Golfasian team in April of 2014. From growing up breathing in and out as golf and spending time traveling and living abroad, these experiences give her clear vision of golfer’s perspective to help create good marketing campaigns for Golfasian. Praew is in charge of inbound business development for Golfasian.