Chris Watson Caddie

A Week Behind the Ropes with Chris Watson

Last week I had the opportunity to Caddie for my friend Wolmer Murillo!

Having played golf for over 20 years and a 5 handicap some would say I would be a decent golfer!

What I saw this week was what is needed to take your golf to the next level, the dedication the nutrition, the stretching, all things we amateurs don’t consider when we play golf!

Wolmer is from Venezuela and has played in Asia for over 8 years on both the All Thailand Tour and Asian Tour.

His dedication to the game is unbelievable, going into the finest details on both the course and the whole event week in general.

It’s not just about hitting the shots it’s about managing your body so you do not have highs and lows, managing sugar levels so you can fight the heat and the physical and mental tiredness.

All these mini-tour players are in a daily grind, trying to time their preparation perfectly so they can peak in that week where they can get their big break into the bigger tours!

The All Thailand Tour is run by Singha Management Group, who are a serious outfit to rival any golf operations company around the world! The organization and the course set-up was impeccable as always!

The standard of play on the tour is frightening with The All Thailand Tour having the lowest scoring average in the world!

Golf is regarded as an individual sport but after this week, I would now regard professional golf as a team sport! I love to play golf but this was by far the most fun I have had on the course in years!

For four days I was completely submerged in Wolmer’s game, having his trust and him asking me what I see on shots and putts! Working as a team together invested to get around the course in as lower number as possible!

The best thing was that I didn’t have to hit the shots, I’ve never struggled to see what shot I want to hit but playing it is another matter! With a player of Wolmer’s ability, he can hit them all and did all week!

The week ended with a tied 7th finish following up from his top 5 finish two weeks before!

There is no doubt Wolmer will win, it’s just a question of when, and I’ve already told him I’ll be back on the bag with him soon!

From a personal point of you, I took so much from the week, learning about eating patterns in particular! Using a yardage book all week plotting our way around the course was great fun!

Coming out of the week with a clear head and new outlook on the game and all more importantly, with the right commitment and motivation on what you can achieve in life in general!