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Monday, 2017-04-24

How to Get Out of a Bunker

How to Get Out of a Bunker in Thailand Golf

Most golfers have a great fear of being in bunker, leaving the ball in the bunker, fear of blasting it over the green, fear of looking foolish, etc. It's not so difficult with a good technique

  1. The clubface must be open at address Opening the face effectively exposes the all-important bounce of your sand wedge, which allows it to easily slide under the golf ball.

  2. You must sit down in your stance Get set with most of your weight in your heels, with your stance open to the target line by five to 10 yards. The swing plane should be on the same line as your shoulders and stance creating the feeling you are cutting across the ball from out to in.

  3. Hold the clubface open through impact Don't release the club-you'll risk burying the wedge into the side instead of sliding through it. To keep the clubface open through impact, your body must continue to turn. In fact, you must turn until, at the finish, your weight is over your forward foot and the clubface points toward the sky.
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